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Interestingly, the 1991 Import Alert states that stevia has “been used throughout history,” an admission that stevia does qualify as a GRAS product.

The Import Alert was revised in September of ’95, due to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act.

The memorandum below, from the FDA to its Denver District office, is part of a number of shadowy events involving stevia.

This document, however, which has been purged of several key words (including the identity of the sender), by the agency, is especially mysterious.

Release of their identities would discourage the voluntary submission of reports of possibly adulterated products on the market and, in turn, would severely hinder FDA’s law enforcement activities.

Further, disclosure would be a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.” Prior to this “final decision,” Bonvie had been told by an official at the office of public affairs that the individual who sent in this “complaint” was an attorney, and that his name and law office were mentioned on the above document.

The label does not bear an appropriate statement of identity.

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It charged that the Colorado-based tea company Celestial Seasonings was using stevia extracts in four of its products and that they were therefore “adulterated.” This complaint, it is worth noting, was not based on any public concerns about the safety of stevia or reports of any adverse effects resulting from its use.

(When this inconsistency in the release of ‘informant’ information was pointed out to the FDA, it replied that it had made a “mistake” in revealing the role of Celestial Seasonings).

Also apparently sent by the same anonymous complainant is a one-page document titled: STEVIOSIDE IN CELESTIAL SEASONINGS HERBAL TEA.

Celestial Seasonings also applied for “official” GRAS status for the herb, which the FDA declined to process.

Eventually, FDA pressure resulted in Celestial Seasonings ceasing to use the herb — and then, according to documents obtained from the FDA, giving the agency the names of other tea makers that were also using it.