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In an interview (see screenshots below another interview in here) developer Archcraft described the change of console as mostly a business decision.
Der Erweiterte Rat kann als Übergangsgremium gesehen werden.

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A stimulus applied to the skin produces an 'evoked potential' or EP in the brain within tens of milliseconds, and that seems to be enough for it to register unconsciously but effectively.A series of experiments have shown that we register unconsciously a whole host of things which may influence our response to events but which never cross the threshold into consciousness.Other users at my FICO have also reported the same.I don’t have any recent applications with American Express, so I haven’t been able to confirm this personally but feel free to share your data points in the comments.A large number of papers and discussions have been published: in 2004, Libet finally summarised his own account in the book Libet's early research was actually intended to explore what the minimum stimulus giving rise to a conscious sensation might be.He had an enviable opportunity to study the response of the brain to direct stimulation (using trains of electrical pulses) through the help of a friendly neurosurgeon and the co-operation of a series of patients, who remained conscious and able to report their sensations throughout the experiment.The really surprising thing, therefore, was the length of the delay which seemed to be involved.500 milliseconds - half a second - is a noticeable period of time, and it is evident that human beings often respond to events far more quickly than that.

One of the great things about American Express is that previously when they report the account opening date of a new credit card to consumer reporting agencies they report your member since date, rather than when the new credit card was actually opened (they actually report a bit of a hybrid, they use the year of your member since date and the month of when you applied for the card).It’s important to remember that at the moment this change is only effecting new accounts that are opened, if your American Express card has already reported the old date then it will continue to do so.This also won’t affect the member since date which is shown on the front of your card, only the date reported to consumer reporting agencies.If we had to wait half a second before responding to events, we should never be able to play a good game of tennis, and we should be dangerous (or extremely cautious) drivers.The answer appeared to be that our unconscious responses are far quicker than our conscious ones.There is always a possibility that this is a mistake and that the credit bureau unit has been giving out the wrong information to consumers, but I find that doesn’t seem to gel with the data points that I’ve seen.