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It includes those telecast when the channel was operated by Radio Television Singapore (RTS), Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC), Television Corporation of Singapore (TCS) and current operator Media Corp TV.

It was officially released in cinemas on August 30, 2012, in Singapore.

Erm, to be honest, I still prefer sweet patatoes soup more : P Everybody reached in my lovely hometown. Eating my favourite Char-Kueh-Tiaw in foodcourt and visiting Tham-Jiak-Kueh (Ave. Too bad I couldnt eat there coz my stomach was so fulled and uncomfortable. Min babe and I was so damn bored there as we often strolling there, so we found some place to rest our legs. We then went to Tanjung Emas for monkeys, eating rojak and ice kacang, playing and boat. Luckily he saw my message in time and willing to help to buy the bus ticket and sent it to me at Summit Parade. The story flows not very logically but the effect is cool enough. This was the first time I ate Tomyam mee hoon kueh, it was so spicy : X They went for shopping while Min babe and I strolled aimlessly there. Finally reached home at 9sth and daddy bought us supper. We watched a Hong Kong movie named Big Husband while eating. And again, Jasmin and I was going to shop aimlessly. We went for K-box, Gift shop, Gaming station to take photo.

:) We were so childish and played the playground facilities and took lotsa stupid posy picha. I never dye my hair before, thats why I found it special! *I wanna dye my hair too* I was shocked the second time I went upstair where they stayed, coz the head of these three guys were fulled of Liese bubbles!! A big thank you x D We went for Shilin for our lunch and I had my Oo Wa Mee Sua. I personally like the scene when the train turned over and exploded. I love the Fried Sweet Patatoes and fried sotong the Most! This movie was so damn funny with the topic should the ladies having guys outside while their husbands betray them. I was really shocked and surprised by the doggie given by Happy, Pow and Zhi Liang.

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I think it is a quite successful trip and it really left lotsa sweet memories for me, I hope they do, too. All the best in future studies and friendship forever are the most I could tell. One day, during a fight between Gang 660 and Zach, Square (Phua Yida) and Jianhao, Zach uses a brick to hit Alex's head. However, before Jianhao sets off, Guodong and his gang finds both Jianhao and Zhihua, entering into yet another bloody fight.As a result, Alex ends up in a vegetative state, and dies soon after. The boys become fugitives overnight, running away from Guodong and the police. This time, Zhihua gets stabbed to death by Guodong.Du Siman (Felicia Chin) is a passionate teacher of a top school.After clashing with the principal over a student, she decides to join Brilliante Secondary School, the school with the worst academic results in Singapore as it accepts pupils who have failed the Primary School Leaving Examinations at least twice.His mother, Huifang (Chiang Tsu-ping), arranges for him to help out in her stall at Bugis Street.