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Presentations are given by attendees on Augustinian values and how they can be implemented in the classroom, while discussions and reflections are also held.

With prayer and socializing, attendees may come to the event from different schools, cities, and even countries, but they leave the event as one bonded in the common values and mission of St. The Student Augustinian Values Institute (SAVI) is similar to the AVI, but is instead student-led.

In 20, has raised 11 million USD from Mayfield Fund, NEA, GSR Ventures and Northern Light.

Marry5( Marry5, headquartered in Guangzhou city of China, is the leading dating service provider on multiple platforms (including Internet, mobile and offline) in China.

It started operations in August 2005 and is committed to the concepts of “youth, creation and innovation”.

Through the online information platform, it offers web and mobile users various internet services including netizen blogs, minihompy, photo albums, friendship and dating services, as well as wireless value-added functions.

Yee provide customers online dating, business networking and classify service through trusted friends circle and online communiy.

Baihe(, which claims to be the largest online dating service provider in China, has its origins in, a social networking site which was launched in 2003.

has raised 6 million USD venture capital.[1] Yeeyoo( Yee is the first website launched by e Friends Net.

It targets at young generation Internet and cell phone users in China.

Zhiji( is a online dating and friends making social networking site based in Hainan province, China.

Features include online dating, group, blog, games and so on. Juedui100( Juedui100 was founded in 2005, the founder is a psychologist.