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From today, I am sending out a strong message to all women travelers or tourists.

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But Amara is still searching for her true identity, a quest that is connected to the Indian father whose disappearance has never been explained.In a war-torn village in Eastern Europe, an American photographer captures a heart-stopping image: a young girl flying toward the lens, fleeing an the ONLY book for readers under 13 that has an explicitly bisexual young character.While playing Romeo in the school play, middle schooler Mattie discovers she has a crush on the girl playing Juliet even though she’s only ever liked boys before.The image becomes a subject of obsession for the photographer’s writer best friend, who has suffered her own devastating tragedy.As the writer plunges into depression, her husband enlists friends, including a fearless bisexual poet, to save her by rescuing the unknown girl.The first stories center on Razia’s experiences in Corona’s tight Muslim community, whereas later the book follows Razia after her rebellion leads to her excommunication and she hits the road to explore the rest of America.

(Note: I’m using the word bisexual as a broad, inclusive umbrella term that includes pansexual, sexually fluid, and any other word that means romantically and/or sexually attracted to more than one gender).

Her plan is to shift through her past and figure out what she’s doing wrong in the dating department and how that might be related to her bisexuality.

The main character is this collection of linked short stories is Razia Mirza, a bisexual Pakistani-American woman from a neighborhood called Corona in Queens, NY.

Self-destructive, bad and brilliant, he draws us into a Bohemian underworld pulsing with heat, music and sex, where desperate and dangerous characters betray, love and test each other to the limit.

This whimsical, improvisational, jazz-like novel is full of musings on art, race, love, and sex as it traces the story of Eden, a 26-year-old Black bisexual woman and aspiring writer who goes to live in Paris after she finishes college. Natalie is the heroine, who’s recently taken a vow of celibacy after a series of dating disasters and emotional roller coasters throughout her twenties.