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And the stats aren't that different among Christians.

In one survey, 77 percent of self-described "fundamentalist Christian" men admitted to premarital sex.

With numbers like that, it's hard not to wind up dating someone who hasn't waited for sex, even if you have.

Further complicating things is the emotional and spiritual investment you undoubtedly put into saving yourself for your future mate.

If your boyfriend has repented and moved on to a more mature faith and walk in Christ, if he has godly sorrow over his sin and over the pain he has caused you, you have a foundation for hope.

Feelings alone won't carry you in marriage when things get difficult. those who marry will face many troubles in this life, and I want to spare you this," 1 Corinthians b).If you have any advice I would really love to hear it! Whatever the degree of past sexual sin, learning that your beloved once treated someone else as intimately as you want to be treated — and this outside the bounds of marriage — is a blow.Tragically, it's become quite common due to all the relational shrapnel in our culture.There is a possibility that you will meet one, though it's not a guarantee.The second takes its cues from David's words in Psalm 25:6-8 where he prayed, David acknowledges the foolishness of youth but doesn't excuse it, requiring a turning away from it — repenting and running the other direction — replacing those sins with mature and godly behavior.This would be a good issue to talk through with your counselor, pastor or another mature Christian you trust. That would help a lot, and yes, I do think it's appropriate to discuss this together before getting engaged.