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Cities with high interracial dating

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Unlike regular immigrants trying to adjust to a new environment, forced immigrants like the Vietnamese are usually less-prepared for the new society; many had little English language skills to begin their new life.They needed a number of services set up jointly by government agencies and non-profit groups. slowly phased out funds and programs for Southeast Asians in the 1990s, the Vietnamese are faring well today.Economic growth in places like Texas, Florida and Louisiana attracted a great number of Vietnamese.New Orleans attracted numerous Vietnamese and has experienced population growth because of its fishing opportunities, strong Catholic community, and mild climate.The only thing I can say is that you can either go with it or go against it.'We just hope and pray that things get better and life continues to go well.'They (both) come from very good families and they'll make the right decisions.'Meanwhile Bill Dowdle's uncle defended his nephew against his daughter's allegations of racism.Speaking from the family home in Cordova, Tennessee, Wayne Dowdle, 63 said: 'I just know that the comments made are not true.

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Compared to other established APA communities, the Vietnamese and Chinese Vietnamese Americans face a unique challenge. Suggested reference: Chuong, Chung Hoan and Minh Hoa Ta. New numbers warrant our attention: in the Northeast, there were 115,000 Vietnamese, while the Midwest was close behind at 107,000. The population increase in the Midwest is a major shift from the 1990s.In fact, over the past decade, the Vietnamese population doubled in cities like Wichita, to more than 7,000, and to nearly 6,000 in Grand Rapids (MI).Thousands of Vietnamese fled to neighboring countries, most of them in rickety, overcrowded boats.The result was one of the most massive relief efforts in United Nations history. In 1987, the Amerasian Homecoming Act brought over 30,000 children (and their immediate family members) of American military and civilian personnel stationed in Vietnam during the conflict.They remarkable growth surprised not only geographers and census takers, but also politicians and government officials counting on support from the APA community.