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Current updating stock prices

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A number of people have asked for my thoughts on this blog post from Lightfield Capital about the potential for baby boomers to take down the stock market in the coming years from forced sales during retirement.

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If anything, this would be a gift, not a curse for the next generations.

These people are going to have to take more risk in their investments to make up for it.

Whether or not this will work is another question but my guess is lots of investors will be more overweighted in stocks than investors were in the past out of necessity.

This demographic is now larger than the baby boomer cohort and once they start reaching their peak earnings years they will be saving and investing more money. Investors have become more focused on the short run than they once were but it’s not like these demographic trends are a secret.

Shouldn’t the market be pricing this in at some point if there’s going to be a wave of selling in the future? It’s possible that baby boomers will destroy the stock market as a nice going away present for the next generation.