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Sure, he might be insanely busy in his life, and even though he’s into you and wants to see you he just has too much other stuff going on. If that’s what’s going on, he’s going to have some crazy stuff going on in his life (and it will be obvious why he can’t spend time with you.) If he doesn’t have serious, compelling reasons why he keeps missing chances to spend time with you, the simplest answer is the right one – he’s just not that into you.

ask for advice on his love life with other women from a woman he’s seriously into.

It’s hard to get a guy to put in effort about anything unless he cares about it.

And if he’s not showing you these signs, that means that unfortunately, he’s not shy… After all, just talking to him makes you feel good…That screams that you’re his friend who he’s looking for a woman’s perspective from, rather than someone he’s interested in dating.Obviously, casual dating means that you’re allowed to see other people at the same time as him – just like he’s allowed to do the same.So if you’re hoping that he’s interested in you because he’s flirting with you, but he’s not making a move and he flirts with lots of other people, it’s a sign he’s not into you.A guy who’s into you is a guy who’s super sensitive to competition.If he’s actually into you, you’re going to meet his friends. He might not plan a whole evening out for you to meet his friends, but if he’s really into you, then it will just happen organically.