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Pay it off regularly and fully to ensure the cashback you receive isn't eclipsed by the charges.
So no, you’re under no obligation to let her know you’re dating her friend. (One of my sisters has the same arrangement for Christmas.)My husband, who has very little family and none nearby, has gone along with this, but I know it’s not his ideal way to spend the holiday.

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Remember these guidelines— maybe practice them in front of the mirror a few times— and never again feel lost or self-conscious in front of the camera.

As far as regular people (not professional models) are concerned, there is one universally flattering stance that creates a long, lean look.

But when I met Jen, it just felt perfect, like our love and little family was meant to be.”Jen started spending more time at Willie’s ground floor flat, and once in the throes of passion, things moved quickly.

“Only when we were talking about children did I actually think about our 37-year age difference,” admitted Jen.

Just a few months later, in April 2013, Willie proposed in the sitting room of his flat, getting down on one knee while Jen watched TV.

They tied the knot at Auchincruive estate, where they met, in August 2014, in a humanist ceremony. But when I met Jen she was the most easy-going person I had met.

Then, just five months after meeting, Jen fell pregnant with their first child James, now three.

First— assuming you’re sitting at an angle— always cross the back leg over the front one. Second, for an even cleaner and leaner look, opt to cross your ankles instead of your knees.

The main objective for face and neck positioning in photos to avoid a double chin, as most people can easily create one (that may not even be there in “real life”) just by posing the wrong way.

One fantastic tip for positioning your hands in photos is to move— rather than place— them.

When you place a hand on your shoulder, for instance, it can look pose-y and awkward.