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TVA has said it's cheaper and may be safer and more environmentally friendly to keep it where it is A trial was held earlier this year, and a decision is pending.

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A new technique of firing pottery under partly oxidising and reducing conditions was improved by them—designated black-and-red ware, to the micaceous Red Ware.Harappans were attracted to Lothal for its sheltered harbour, rich cotton and rice-growing environment and bead-making industry.

In 1942, timber was shipped from Broach to Saragwala via the mound.

Lothal provides with the largest collection of antiquities in the archaeology of modern India.

To the northwest of Lothal lies the Kutch (see also Dholavira) peninsula, which was a part of the Arabian Sea until very recently in history.

Lothal is based upon a mound that was a salt marsh inundated by tide.

Remote sensing and topographical studies published by Indian scientists in the Journal of the Indian Geophysicists Union in 2004 revealed an ancient, meandering river adjacent to Lothal, 30 kilometres (19 miles) in length according to satellite imagery— an ancient extension of the northern river channel bed of a tributary of the Bhogavo river.