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In 2014 our own James Bruce looked into several ways that a webcam can be hacked It’s a fair question.

Why would anyone waste time watching you as you type up an essay, stream Netflix movies, or play video games? Thanks to Edward Snowden (who you can follow on Twitter.

Taking just on second to put this smart webcam cover over your camera lens fully protects you from hackers. But any label will do, really, preferably with a design printed on it.

We also know that hackers can use easily available tools to gain access to computers using email Trojans or social engineering.

In short, the presence of a camera on your device is a privacy issue.

Webcams (internal and external) are useful additions to laptops, tablets, phones, even some external PC monitors and smart TVs.

We can use them with motion detection games and apps, for video chat via Skype and similar services and how they can be subverted to breach your privacy β€” not just by criminals, but also by security services.