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Today, the message could be from work (who consider it fine to email at weekends and late at night), your bank confirming a new payment or a flirty text from a work colleague.

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We need to use our mobile phone to send out instant messages to our friends.Perhaps you’d like to make the bedroom a smartphone/tablet-free area, so you can concentrate on each other – chatting over the day or having sex together.What about meal times, when you’re watching the TV or going out together?We separated for one week and after discussions and an agreement that he would not contact this woman we decided to get back together.One month later, I checked his phone and found he had saved the woman’s number under another name and had been phoning her constantly, and texting her at 2am when I went to bed and also throughout the day – even when he went to the shops to get nappies.Many times we hear a new word and rush to refer a dictionary for its meaning.