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He envisioned a place that would offer "recovering" evangelicals the comfort of a Sunday service that echoed the style and structure of their childhood churches, but encouraged the sort of intellectual and spiritual journey that Mitchell himself had undertaken — a journey from rigid dogma and fear of damnation to discovery, along a path of inquiry he calls "deconstruction." "Our altar has been a laboratory where people could work through those things safely without being told they're losing their faith," Mitchell says.

The church membership of slightly more than 2,000, he felt, was beginning to cleave into three almost numerically equal parts: conservative evangelicals who enjoyed the music and sermons and had little desire to pursue his deconstruction plan; progressives who'd already been there and back on that path (and folks of Pilny's generation who were basically born there), impatiently waiting for everyone else to catch up; and a moderate group Mitchell describes as "smack dab in the middle of deconstruction." Melissa Greene, a former Contemporary Christian artist who joined Grace Pointe six years ago as pastor of worship and arts, fell into the second, most liberal group.In June of 2012, country artist Carrie Underwood defended marriage equality in an interview with the U. The cartoonishly predictable Westboro Baptist Church immediately added Grace Pointe to its picket schedule, and the press piled on.According to Grace Pointe members who spoke to the Scene, friction increased as the congregation separated more and more into two camps: one whose stance amounted to, "It's about time!"I felt equal parts foreboding and relief," he recalls."It was what the ancients called a 'liminal space,' a threshold. "It was sad to me that this wasn't an eruption of joy. In that singular moment, Mitchell realized, the familiar milieu inverted.He strode down the stage stairs and launched into a hastily tacked-on segue about how sometimes epiphanies, the lower-case "e" kind, do not happen all at once.