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He brings his curiosity, gift of gab, and wacky sense of humor into the bedroom. He's a swinger, has no problems with one-night stands, and is ideally suited for a woman who's free enough to let her hair down, go a little crazy, and talk about wild and wonderful sexual things.

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She's stunningly attractive, high on life, full of wacky quirks and idiosyncrasies (generally including childlike playfulness and a tendency towards petty crime), often with a touch of wild hair dye.

She's inexplicably obsessed with our stuffed-shirt hero, on whom she will focus her antics until he learns to live freely and love madly.

#clingfilm #bondage #pantyhose #encasement #encased #femdom #tights #nylonfetish #pantyhoselayering Maggie and her brother Michael share a flat together.

Maggie wantes to go to a swimming pool after work, so she packs her swimsuit into her bag.

Unfortunately, the term ended up being misused to describe simply quirky female characters, with many who are actually well-rounded being given this label.

Rabin would later disown the term, because instead of creating awareness of the "lack of independent goals in female characters", the concept instead accidentally ended up suggesting that ALL quirky and fun women automatically merited this trope, whether they actually fit in or not.

The Screwball Comedy is a genre driven entirely by this character type.

Sometimes I would have a butt plug inserted, making the ride all the more erotic.

This should be remembered when adding examples below.

Also note that a protagonist can rarely be a MPDG because as the main character, she is most likely to have independent story arc and depth of character.

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And she thinks it's great that Paula lent her favorite client to practice on...