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Danny's operation was done on the temporal lobe behind the ear, which is closer to the memory and language section of the brain. Another way it could have gone is the experience of a blind young man who undergoes experimental surgery and the outcome and difficulties encountered along the way. Finally, there's the relationship between a blind man and a sighted woman, a romance based movie, either drama or comedy, or the relationship between a Caucasian American male and an female of Indian descent from a very traditional Indian family, and the difficulties they would encounter along the way, again a drama with some comedy more than likely. There were some very good moments: the basketball game with the friend, the parents at the hospital while they await the outcome of the surgery, etc.

See more » : My brother, Larry- when I was a kid- told me that kids were supposed to run free in the park... But the whole isn't even a sum of these parts -- it's a combination of movies that do not cohere in a way that one can call a success.

Its unfortunate: the idea of a romance comedy that isn't simplistic, Boy meets Girl, Boy and Girl find love, encounter hindrance, break-up, but Love Wins Out, is a trite, tired formula.

This movie had the promise to be a bit more than that, as DEFINITELY, MAYBE attempted and succeeded earlier this year.

10th - 12th graders also have a closed campus except during lunch.

Students must sign out at the office to leave campus and only with parent note, email or phone call.

Chris Pine deserves some better roles, to see what he can actually make with something more complex and intelligent.

Some excellent character actors are wasted, although their performances are fine.

The vision center of the brain is located in the occipital lobe at the back of the head. This movie could play as a drama with comedy or a comedy with drama.

There are some unfortunate and unnecessary stereotypes with both the Indian characters and the females set-ups that the Larry character attempts to hook up with Chris Pine's role as Danny.

Parent-Student conferences run from 10-245 in classrooms, teachers take lunch from 3-345 and then teachers will be in the gym from 4-6 pm Thursday, Nov 9th. All Freshmen who are failing will be required to be in Friday School. It is important that parents support this opportunity for their child's success.

High school students completing this course will be able to attend EOU at a discount rate when they enter their teaching program. We will soon see students applying their business and catering skills in the school and community. Students will be streaming news throughout our school and keeping us informed of all upcoming events and sharing highlights of past events.

Our on line program will return this year and be an option for credit recovery and for home school students.