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Deeply insecure people tend to take out their frustrations on those whose job it is to serve them.
Watch them eat ass like hot homemade curry right off the stove.

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Yesterday’s drug-research-is-hard screed brought a lot of responses, and I wanted to address some particular points that came up.

This is another variant of what I’ve called the Andy Grove fallacy, where Silicon Valley/computer science types see drug research through their own experiences in coding and hardware development.That’s why movies can be pitched in single lines to people who know a lot about them: “Star Wars, but underwater”. My point is that narrative entertainment is a very well worked out area.Heroes go on journeys, plucky young outcasts fight against the odds, lovers discover after misunderstandings and mistakes that they were actually right for each other all along.These are not necessarily in order of importance – not everyone will agree on that order – but here we go.First, we have a big one: we know a lot more about movie-making than we know about drug-making.But if your new drug doesn’t help your disease, you may well be far more upset – and even more so if it turns out to make you even sicker.