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He works behind the counter at a deli in Brooklyn, a small shop that does a brisk business in snacks, coffee, and cigarettes. I started to act like people were there watching, and that’s when they showed up.” Abuhamdeh’s routine was subtle.
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Brendon Boyd Urie Brenny Bear, Bden, Beebo, The Milk Man, Moon Aries St.

George, Utah, USA Brendon attended Palo Verde High School in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He has served as the brand ambassador of Martin Guitars. He is the youngest in his family and have four older half-brothers and sisters.

Lol you have to live the experience before you truly understand the meaning to this beautiful song.

", it means that's so boyish) and in this song "boyish" means the way that boys are controlled by hormones. So I think that testosterone boys and harlequin girls means that the boys who are controlled by hormones and the girls that are willing to make a fool of themselves over boys like that. Well, "testosterone boys" is obviously referring to how teenage boys are often ruled by their hormones--i.e. "Harlequine girls" is a little tougher:it is defined as "a comic character in commedia dell'arte and the harlequinade, usually masked, dressed in multicolored, diamond-patterned tights, and carrying a wooden sword or magic wand." So, essentially, a joker. I actually took the time to look up the word harlequin in an actual dictionary, and yes it's a French clown.

Probably is talking about how girls are flirts, dressing up and playing with boy's emotions, etc. My friend thinks that the French are perverts, so she'd probably say that 'testosterone boys and harlequin girls' meant that horny guys were hooking up with perverted teases. I think it means what Randy said, "'testosterone boys' and 'harlequin girls' are basically romantic girls with horny guys."Taylor, Stephen is sort of right but a "harlequin girl" could also mean a fake-clown like girl because harlequin were originally french clowns.

Whether you know Brendon Urie or not depends on what you answer.

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Brendon Urie is best known for being the frontman of rock band Panic! Brendon has a tattoo of cartoon piano keys with Hibiscus flowers in his body. there are pictures out there of ryan at the funeral, but i don’t think it’s right to be spreading them, so if you want to see them, you can look for them. the rolling stone shoot happensthe other thing about 2006 is that ryan’s dad died. I think this song is about a girl cheating on her boyfriend, when the boyfriend breaks up with her she goes out with the other guy.But she still loves her ex "Is it still me that makes you sweat? " And the ex knows he's much better than the new guy.To me it represents a girl who was this guys whole world when suddenly "i think of what you did and I hope to god he was worth it", "testerone boys"=male sex hormone and harlequin girls=appealing/attractive/flirtive girls that are hard to resist(example=harlequin frogs bright and beautiful colors help them select mates) or "shock sets in and the stomach acid and finds a way to make you good sweat, I hope you didn't expect to get all of the attention" refers to that she got pregnant with another guy that she has been cheating on him with.