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The size is reminiscent of those times when makers such as Andrea Amati made both large and little fiddles, as opposed to those of the latter 19th century, who made overlong violins by adding the width of the tracing pencil too many times.

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Chernobyl is a historic town located in Kiev region of northern Ukraine.Chernobyl is located on the Pripyat River, a tributary of the Dnieper.He was the author of Me’or Einayim and Yismah Lev, both printed in Slavuta in 1798.His son Mordecai founded a dynasty of tzaddikim and made Chernobyl a center of Twersky Hasidism family. The community numbered 3,482 in 1847 and 5,526 in 1897 (59.4% of the total).

Jews are under convoy in organized columns were allocated to the administrative building of the Jewish collective farm “Nae Welt”, where they were stripped.

In 1921 big fire destroyed one hundred and twenty Jewish houses in Chernobyl.

With the establishment of the Soviet government in 1920, communal, social, and religious life came to an end.

All population of Chernobyl was resettled in May 5, 1986 after disaster on nuclear plant in 19 km from town.

In this day last 50 Jewish families were evacuated from Chernobyl…