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David Berlinski, a secular Jew who received his Ph D from Princeton University, believes that one of the main reasons for such atrocities is the absence of ultimate accountability: “What Hitler did not believe and what Stalin did not believe and what Mao did not believe and what the SS did not believe and what the Gestapo did not believe . But you have received the Holy Spirit, and he lives within you, so you don’t need anyone to teach you what is true.

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The goal is to empower students, teaching them that they have a voice and the power to transform their community.

1 Hr 45 Mins A Special Screening Sunday, November 9 – 11 a.m.

He began his career with the Connecticut Audubon Society doing bird surveys on the coast at the Mc Kinney and then worked for the US Fish and Wildlife Service as a biological technician at the Refuge.

He has been with Audubon Connecticut as the Director of Bird Conservation for Connecticut since 2000, overseeing Connecticut ’s Important Bird Areas and other conservation programs.

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Beginning in the wake of the shootings at Columbine, a small town in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania elected a charismatic judge who was hell-bent on keeping kids in line.

Open to the Public, Free of Charge In celebrating local filmmakers, we are proud to announce a free private screening at the Moviehouse of the film “Michael” directed by alum of Indian Mountain School, Hotchkiss, and most recently New York University, Harry Bainbridge Shot entirely at Indian Mountain School, “Michael”, a short drama, chronicles the experience of one boy at a youth boarding school on September 11, 2001.

A poignant investigation of society’s expectations of loss versus the real experience of it, the film is both personal and universal, drawing on the director’s autobiography to expose the surrealness felt by all in the immediate aftermath of tragedy.

Sponsored by Senior Behavioral Health at Sharon Hospital and Filmworks Forum.

Five million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia — many of them alone in nursing homes.