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Whether ripping the fibers of your flesh apart with The Stooges or crafting moody masterpiece material like “Sister Midnight,” Iggy was up there with Lemmy in the narrowest bracket of free-spirited legends.Metallica and Iggy have, in my view, been buying aural bread from the same bakery for over three decades.His revelations coincide with the reissue of Oasis’ classic 1995 album, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory this week.Ulrich enjoys some other, far more guilty pleasures too.The drummer, 50, was asked by Argentinian TV station TN whether he was a fan of the “Boyfriend” singer.Metallica, Justin Bieber, we can’t see it either, but Ulrich’s response was to call him “a talented kid”.“Obviously he doesn’t make it easy for himself and I can only imagine how difficult it must be to have to deal with everybody being on top of him 24 hours a day; I don’t wish that upon anybody,” he said.IP: I thought, “Wow, yeah, okay.” It took that long, like one second, and it was because it’s a good band... On the end of the thing, we did three shows in Rio. He’s the promoter and I’m like, “Look, I’ve tried to turn over a new leaf. And you know, there were these beach girls who would come and go, want you played and everything. Then all of a sudden it’s like, “Oh, it’s in the afternoon.” It seemed like it’d been fifteen minutes. LU: We would still be standing on that fucking beach right now if it wasn’t because somebody threw [the Frisbee] in the water and it washed out, but it was pretty crazy. And you just feel like, it’s almost like when you [Iggy] stage dive or do your thing, they hold you up, they support you. And with the Seger, I thought that was really hard to do because you were in Manhattan, really likes Bob Seger in Manhattan.I think we managed to be there for a week without sleeping. So, everybody would just sort of stand there like this.

From the first moment I heard him as a 10-year-old in London, Iggy Pop spoke the same carefree, rebellious language I did.

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has split with his wife SKYLAR, following reports he's dating actress Connie Nielsen. "They will share custody of their two kids." Skylar, a former flame of Matt Damon's, has famously been credited with being the inspiration for Minnie Driver's character Skylar in movie GOOD WILL HUNTING.

The NOTHING ELSE MATTERS star was spotted kissing the Gladiator beauty in New York recently, sparking fears he was cheating on his wife, but it's now emerged he split with Skylar back in March (04).

I made it a priority to work on getting Lars and Iggy to sit down for a -style casual-yet-detailed chat whilst we were all in Mexico City. Within 20 seconds of mentioning the idea to Lars, he had responded with a roared, “Fuck yeah.” Soon afterward, Iggy’s manager Henry Mc Groggan cheerfully told us Iggy would be happy to do it, happy to do photos with Ross Halfin, and happy for us to film the proceedings.

I can tell you, such things are not always as easy.