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Purolator tracking number not updating

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On the 18th I received an email stating that the replacement cards shipped and were on their way to me. I must note though that I live in MB which is the province next to Ontario thus the shipping distance is not great.I would have given MSI an "Ease of RMA:" rating of 10 but the lack of online tracking or phone support discouraged me from doing so.I ended emailing Daiwa directly through their website and they replied to me in only a few hours with the tracking number. Once I opened the package, I was happy to find out that they gave me what looks like a brand new card with the box and all the accessories, including another copy of Tomb Raider and the Guardian of Light. Satisfaction: 9 Details: I fill the RMA form on June 2, I call 5 time since that time, I was not abble to reach anyone after wait 45 minutes at one time, I was a big Asus fan boy, it's the first product I attend to RMA Satisfaction: 0, Any extra fees?: Shipping one way Wait time: 2 days Details: got RMA approved 2 days after submitting, and put in mail on Tuesday at 4pm (next day delivery).

: Shipping 1 way Wait time: a few day's due to national holiday, from shipping to receiving 3 work days.

Waiting for them to get back to me, it's been two days since my card got delivered there. Got a e-mail from them like 5 day after they received it to say it was shipped via USPS.

Satisfaction: 8 Got my card, it's either a refurb or a new one. pretty sure it's not that long to ship some ram that is probably in a buble envelope ;) Company Name: Logitech Product: G5 Mouse Warranty Period: 1 year Date purchased: Oct 2010 Date RMAed: Dec 2010 Where it was sent to: Phoenix, AZ Ease of RMA: 10 Any extra fees?

The form that you need to fill is kinda simple, too simple.

You don't know where to describe the problem put it appears, I wrote enough.