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I went out by myself and by the end of Saturday night was rolling with a new friend group 10 people deep.
When my date arrived, I was found looking frazzled in the kitchen and the whole evening was spent paranoid with my head in the oven. When finally sitting down to enjoy this lovingly prepared meal, I had forgotten to put any cream in the carbonara (it was just a pile of rubbery egg) and the candles I bought nearly set fire to the expensive straw place-mats.

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Role playing sex can actually change your lives for the better if you know the rules.

The need for role playing sex Even the happiest couples in love can suffer from a drought in their sex lives.

How to role play the right way Remember role playing sex is a lot better than regular sex because you can actually enact any fantasy that you’ve ever had, and with role playing sex, you can actually spend a longer time waiting in anticipation for great sex, instead of just having sex without any preparation.

Choosing your characters to role play Choose a character that has always enticed or motivated you, something that gives you a boost of sexual adrenalin, and let your partner choose one that suits them.

Click here to read the introduction on sexual role play for beginners.

How to role play in bed If you’ve never indulged in role playing sex or anything close to this before, then you may think the whole game is just hilarious. But like it goes with everything else, you never know what you’re missing until you try it!You could be madly in love with your partner, but quite frankly, emotional love and mad, sexual passion are two completely different things.You could actually be in love with someone and yet, lust about another person.Imagine his surprise when this sexy stranger in her tantalizing French maid outfit shows up on the doorstep and gets going with the dirties kind of cleaning he’s ever seen.This can also offer a role-reversal of the more typical ‘man delivers service to the woman’s door’ if you switch who plays the overworked professional who happens to be working from home that day.Let go of your inhibitions and take your role play fantasies out of the house with this naughty classic that combines the excitement of car sex and the added risk of picking up a total stranger.