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The absolutely WONDERFUL Angela Scanlon from The One Show and Robot Wars jumps in to the wet seat for Innuendo Bingo – and she LITERALLY doesn’t stop talking! Welsh Sarah is back on for a final update before she heads to Ireland to spend the weekend with man called Paddy who she’s only met once.It’s New Music Friday, but that doesn’t mean anything to Chris as once again he’s concerned that we’re running out of music. If you have a massive beehive hair-do, do you have to have it frisked at the airport? Visit the Unofficial Mills website for more Scott Mills news and also check out our forums where you can ask the geeks any questions about the Scott Mills Daily podcasts and shows.Registration is free and you can register using Facebook or Twitter!Zip files: These downloads take a few minutes to formulate dependent on file size.

It’s the middle of what feels like a really long week, so why not Bamboleo with us? is back, can Scott win make it 3-Nil and win the week? Scott’s not impressed, so he’s going to randomly generate some new ones. Chris is back from Spring Break (filming a documentary and not a holiday apparently) and he’s brought a song for Bangers with him, and Scott points out the differences between him on Radio 1 and his appearance on Radio 2. Scott has convinced listener Will to come clean to his Dad about failing the first year of Uni - how will he take it?There's an update from listener Sarah as Scott finds out if she's going to fly to Ireland to see the guy she's only met once, and Charlie Sloth drops by to play Real Or No Real.Scott's show takes a Welsh turn as listener Sarah has met a new man in Cardiff, but should she follow him back to Ireland for a weekend date?Scott and Chris reveal even more about themselves (and certain…ahem…preferences) in radio’s most revealing feature – The Google Game; how many Chris Stark’s would pay for a Scott Mills? He’s got a badge that says so, plus Greg James plays Real Or No Real – Chris thinks your fingers never stop growing, but isn’t that your head?Scott starts a Yass Clinic, where those afflicted by an addiction to saying “yass! Bobby Norris and Pete Wicks from TOWIE take on Innuendo Bingo – no sign of Megan Mc Kenna, does this mean her and Pete are finished?And yet, much of the applied power of wildlife population ecology remains untapped because its broad sweep across disparate subfields has been isolated in specialized texts. Scott Mills covers the full spectrum of applied wildlife population ecology, including genomic tools for non-invasive genetic sampling, predation, population projections, climate change and invasive species, harvest modeling, viability analysis, focal species concepts, and analyses of connectivity in fragmented landscapes.