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Use a simple image and this text to talk deeper about an aspect of your work package.From busy Dublin to Kerry, Ireland is a beautiful country with a rich, complicated history, packed pubs full of acquaintances and a thriving social scene as well as some of the best adult dating sites you will find anywhere.We are running workshops, seminars and masterclasses and also focusing on supporting transnational projects across the North Sea Region.Events will be industry relevant and delivered by practicing industry professionals.Young people now tend to see sex as a matter of lifestyle or personal choice, whereas older tend to be more traditional and conservative.Although attitudes towards sex are definitely changing and becoming more liberal, it’s important to note that not everyone is on the same page.There is no legislation in Ireland governing AHR and therefore there is no onus on clinics to provide AHR services to same sex couples and who AHR are provided too is determined by each clinic's ethical guidelines.

It is possible for same sex couples to apply to the HSE to foster a child.

While the experiences of LGBT Parents and those planning parenthood are documented in the first study of its kind undertaken in Ireland, The LGBT Parenthood Study.

It’s also about going outside your comfort zone, if you haven’t already.

If you are interested in fostering, you should contact your Local Fostering Office in the HSE. The Irish Foster Care Association can also help with any enquiries you might have around fostering a child.

See ie There are 2 websites which provide legal and policy information for same sex parents and those planning parenthood.