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Chenoweth is also a devoted Christian and has expressed her religious beliefs at public forums, a number of times.
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Are you stuck on the message, “I didn’t deserve this. One common message that betrayed spouses struggle with is, “It’s not fair. You are suffering, and he is likely aware that his actions are at the root of that suffering. If you truly want to stay with him and rebuild a relationship together, you are going to need to choose to let it go.

He/She had an affair and ‘gets away’ with it because I want to stay married.” That is a fallacy that keeps you stuck in an angry, resentful place. If he cares about you, that awareness is a source of pain for him. If, however, you are able to recognize that he may be in pain as well, you may have an opportunity to connect with each other. You are going to have to focus on the good that is between you, to let the balance of a life together outweigh the pain of infidelity.

Although her theoretical orientation is eclectic, she most frequently uses a person-centered, strengths-based approach and cognitive behavioral therapy in her practice.

The relationship you had prior to the affair is lost. It is also OK (and I strongly recommend) that you get some help with all of this.

Ultimately, that is because other people cannot make us feel a certain way—we have a part in choosing our own reactions. For example, are you telling yourself that his affair means he doesn’t love you or doesn’t love you enough? Having an open conversation with your husband about the time you need to work through your thoughts and feelings can be helpful.

What we feel often comes from the meaning we make of an event. Are you dealing with fear that it will happen again? By uncovering those messages, you can look at the ones that are keeping you stuck in a place of anger and work to let those go. Letting him know what you need from him during that time can help engage him in the healing process and also start the two of you working toward becoming partners again.

Your husband may think he has accepted responsibility and gets how hurt you are, but it can take time for the empathy you need to feel from him to actually be heard and felt in a meaningful way.

Until that happens, the rest of the healing—grieving, letting go, reconnecting—can’t really move forward.