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The federal government has promised to use obscenity laws to crack down on Internet erotica.

Training sessions have been conducted to teach federal prosecutors how to use obscenity laws in the 21st Century, and the first prosecutions have already begun against webmasters in Texas and West Virginia.

Second, the work must depict or describe sexual conduct in a patently offensive way, based on contemporary community standards.

And third, the work must, taken as a whole, lack serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value as measured by a reasonable person.

The courts therefore require that any work subjected to the obscenity test must be evaluated "as a whole," at least with respect to prurient interest and serious value. Under current technology, the lines readily blur as to what constitutes "the Website." It can certainly be argued that the court and the jury must consider the entire site, including all pages and all links.

The requirement that the work be evaluated "as a whole" prohibits the judge from simply ripping out certain explicit pages from a book or magazine, and determining that those portions meet the test, thereby declaring the entire work obscene. An argument can even be made that the whole work consists of links on linked sites, and so on and so on.

Many adult sites provide live streaming videos, which are, by definition, ever changing. Yet, these words form the lynchpin of the obscenity test even in modern times. The Court stopped short of declaring the term unconstitutional, however many other court decisions suggest that these terms encourage arbitrary and discriminatory enforcement, rendering them unconstitutionally vague.

It is doubtful that adult websites fit in with Ashcroft’s "Culture of Responsibility" that should be promoted by the media; and adult websites are surely one of the enemies in what Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has dubbed the "cultural war" in which he and others are now engaged.Utah appointed a "porn czar" whose sole job is to evaluate potentially obscene material and then target it for prosecution, however her job was eliminated in budget cuts.There is no "safe harbor" provision under federal law that will protect Webmasters from obscenity prosecutions.A statistically relevant sampling of the local community also demonstrated that over 98% of the residents admitted that they did not know what the word "prurient" meant.Those who claimed to know the definition could not accurately use the word in a sentence.The term simply has no commonly understood meaning.