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Signs of an unhealthy dating relationship

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“My partner is not abusive..don’t hit me.” If any of these indicators are present in a relationship, it is crucial that each partner gets help before it gets worse.

This list identifies a series of behaviors typically demonstrated by abusive people.

All of these forms of abuse (psychological, economic, and physical) come from the abuser's desire for power and control.

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I have talked to many teens who regret things they’ve done in relationships simply because they didn’t know any better.

It is designed to identify problem areas before you move forward with marriage plans, to serve as a useful tool as you seek godly advice from those who counsel you.

Here’s an inventory to help you decide if the light on the road before you is green, yellow or red.

Does this person resent you having friends of your own? Does this person use money as a means of control in your relationship? Does this person boast of sexual intimacy as a victory or achievement, or define members of the opposite sex as sexual property? Has this person ever forced, pressured, or manipulated you into having sex when it was against your wishes? Does this person exhibit unpredictable mood swings? Do they “play” with them in your presence to make you uncomfortable? Does this person deny responsibility for faults by shifting the responsibility to someone/something else or explaining the behavior as necessary and unavoidable? Alcohol and drug use reduce a person’s self-control, and are often used as an excuse for abusive behavior, but are not the cause of violence. Does this person have a history of getting into frequent fights with others?

Do they make you feel bad for having less money than they do? Does this person try to control your friendships (e.g., place restrictions on whom you can see and when you can see them)? Does this person threaten to harm your friends if you continue seeing them or if they try to help you? Does this person monitor you phone calls, check your texts, misuse your social media outlets (i.e. Getting easily upset by small annoyances and lash out verbally or physically as a means of coping with the situation? If after looking over this list you answered “yes” to more questions than you are comfortable with, it is possible that the relationship you were evaluating is not a healthy one.