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Strong leaf colors are being expected for several sections of Jefferson, St. According to I […] By Nick Schmidt, This past week, Lakers defender Kate Randazzo earned herself the NEWHL player of the week.

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) is an island country situated in the Caribbean Sea, consisting of the third-largest island of the Greater Antilles.

The island, 10,990 square kilometres (4,240 sq mi) in area, lies about 145 kilometres (90 mi) south of Cuba, and 191 kilometres (119 mi) west of Hispaniola (the island containing the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic).

The Irish in Jamaica also formed a large part of the island's early population, making up 2 thirds of the white population on the island in the late 17th century, twice that of the English population.

They were brought in as indentured labourers and soldiers after the conquest of Jamaica by Cromwells forces in 1655, The majority of Irish were transported by force as political prisoners of war from Ireland as a result of the ongoing Wars of the Three Kingdoms at the time.

When Christopher Columbus arrived in 1494, there were more than 200 villages ruled by caciques (chiefs of villages).

The south coast of Jamaica was the most populated, especially around the area now known as Old Harbour. Ann's Bay was named "Saint Gloria" by Columbus, as the first sighting of the land. Ann's Bay is the site of the first Spanish settlement on the island, Sevilla, which was established in 1509 and abandoned around 1524 because it was deemed unhealthy.

Kodian Morris died in a crash along Highway 2000 "It is against that background that the Unit is pleading with motorists to keep left while driving, not to overtake around corners and to drive within the posted speed limits," the Road Safety Unit said.

Additionally, the unit is reiterating the call for motorists to wear their seat belts, and for motorcyclists and pillion passengers to wear helmets.

Based on data supplied by the Road Safety Unit in the Ministry of Transport and Mining, ten persons died in crashes between Holy Thursday and Easter Monday this year.

Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492 and then forcibly converted to Christianity in Portugal, during a period of persecution by the Inquisition.

Some Spanish and Portuguese Jewish refugees went to the Netherlands and England, and from there to Jamaica.

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