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At first, Riccardo could not believe it was that simple. “I’m going to sound like such a jerk just telling them.” But he tried it on his next guest and bingo.

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"I will say that it was the longest breast exam I've ever had," she adds. The flirtation is so seamless, so skillfully choreographed that, even though I've watched Ripa do it on TV for the past decade, I don't realize it happened until after I leave."A lot of people don't listen to the people they're talking to," says CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, who counts Ripa among his close friends.

"But Kelly, she picks up on everything, and she makes fun of herself, which, in TV, not a lot of people can do in a genuine way." According to Michael Gelman, the show's executive producer for 25 years, "Kelly is very quick, very funny, very likable, and very self-deprecating.

Philbin, host of the show since 1983, had had a number of "wives" over the years—Cyndy Garvey, Ann Abernathy, Kathie Lee Gifford—and critics wondered if sunny sidekick Ripa had the talent or the clout to take the lead role.

reported, and 14 percent among its target audience of women ages 25 to 54.

"I think that's how everyone thinks of her," he says, "which is probably exhausting for her, just being in the universe." occupies that realm of morning TV where wholly inoffensive, crowd-pleasing content is dispensed to viewers who are home after 9 A.Sometimes I wear heels, because I happen to love heels, but if it's freezing cold or boiling hot, it could easily be an Ugg boot or a flip-flop." Ripa looks petite on TV, and no less so in person."I'm exactly 64 inches, which I know from my life-insurance exam.M., and, if they're interested in hard news, have probably already found it elsewhere.Today, the weird-but-true headlines include the population explosion of squirrels in the Northeast, a naked man terrorizing hikers in Texas, and the endorsement of Barack Obama by seven-year-old reality-TV star Honey Boo Boo."Reeg," as Ripa and his peers call him, represented a bygone era of showbiz, not so much because of his age, but because of his on-air personality, which was often barky and self-congratulatory.