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Given the risks, employers should consider implementing policies, in addition to their sexual harassment policy, outlining expectations of employee conduct with regard to romantic relationships with coworkers (and perhaps even romantic relationships with third-party individuals such as employees of vendors).
This allowed us to see if: We ran these tests for about a month and our tests showed that the 8300 was far superior to the two GFI products in every way.

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That fear of being abandoned, when it was realised, painful as it was it felt familiar.

When they weren’t leaving, I started acting up, and then I could convince myself they’d leave anyway.

is selling yourself short because you’re offloading the responsibility of your happiness on others and even when you do, you offload it to people who are not responsible ‘relationship drivers’ because you’re choosing people that mirror your negative beliefs.

There are only too many people out there who are willing to go and put some crappy ‘love oil’ in your ‘tank’.

It suited me to believe I’d mess it up – I never really had to try and put myself out there.

I’d throw my energy into the limited capacity of a limited relationship.

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We can sell ourselves short before we even do a damn thing because we’re already selling ourselves short in our head, telling ourselves negative messages, not believing in our capabilities, and believing that the answer to our problems is in someone else.

When I wasn’t in a relationship, it was like I was passing time between Mr Unavailables and assclowns, hungry to fill up the ‘vacancy’ left by the previous guy.

I craved love, intensely sought out validation, and privately lived with a black cloud over my head while I outwardly smiled at everyone.

In the past, my friends and family have been more than a little bewildered by some of the guys I’ve dated and looking back with the benefit of hindsight which gives wonderful vision, I can see that I was seriously selling myself short. I didn’t even him anymore and had lost respect for him.

The intensity was fading and the memories of the repeated let downs and hurts were prominent in my mind.