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La Casa Blanca se encuentra investigando si hay “un tercer país” involucrado en los “incidentes” que sufrieron los diplomáticos durante su estancia en la isla caribeña.

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Hold down the play/pause button and you can call up Siri on an i Phone, just as with many other headphones.

The batteries last 17 hours when used at 75 percent volume, but we expect this is a conservative claim by B&W.

Never worry about having mediocre battery life ever again so you can focus fully on your missions.

Concealed in the left ear cup is a versatile unidirectional digital microphone boom which easily pulls out as needed, and adjusts to the exact position you want.

It has even launched a Bluetooth wireless speaker: the T7.

But it has held back from launching any wireless headphones until it was sure its discerning – and loyal – customers would be happy not just with sound quality but also reliability.

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See also: Best headphones you can buy right now The P5 Wireless costs £329.99, which is £80 more than the P5 Series 2 at £249.99. B&W touts the fact that they are “platform agnostic” since they’ll happily work with Android as well as i Phones – and practically any other phone, tablet, laptop or PC with Bluetooth. Thing is, corded headphones will work with an even broader range of audio gear, including your hi-fi, TV and more. Having never owned a pair, I was sceptical of the benefits.Siberia 800 (the successor to H Wireless) cuts the cord to deliver exceptional audio in a brilliantly designed wireless headset. The powerful OLED transmitter lets you take control of important features that fine tune your gaming experience.Get crystal clear audio and cutting edge performance on all of your platforms. These customizations let you control the balance of voice chat and modify your EQ settings. The Siberia 840 and 800 are the perfect gaming headsets for gamers who want no lag wireless audio, Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound, and full cross-platform compatibility.You can still connect a cable (included in the box) using the same clever recessed port you’ll find on the P5 Series 2 so you can use these cordless headphones as a traditional wired pair if you do happen to get caught short.It’s unlikely you will, since the P5 Wireless charges via micro-USB, meaning you can even charge them on the move with a handy USB battery pack. Less up to 0 promo/trade-in credit applied to account over 24 mos; ends when balance paid or line terminated/changed to another plan; 0% APR.