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Simply plug it into any wall outlet, lube up, slide in, and the Autoblow does all the work for you.

Tips dating independent women

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Don’t mistake this for negligence; you won’t let him get away with forgetting your birthday, but he is thoughtful when the time is right.

Some girls started planning their wedding day at age seven. You giggle at girls who get married young just so that they feel important or wanted.

You have an extravagant night planned with your girls, and you don’t need to give a long explanation to your man about it.

He loves that you have your own friends, and he encourages you to have a life outside of your relationship with him.

You don’t really go out on the town as a prowler, to lurk in the corner trying to figure out which guy is the hottest to talk to – – with texts, calls, sweet Facebook posts; the works.

These types of men usually do this because they honestly want or need the same attention and affection in return.