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Updating location information

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This chapter covers the use of waypoints on Garmin receivers. Capturing your position as a Waypoint Planning Ahead Waypoint Entry Updating Waypoint Data Viewing Waypoint Data Deleting Waypoints Distance to Waypoints Proximity Alarms Tips and Tricks Waypoints are used to store and remember locations that are of interest to the user.They are often used to store intermediate turns and intersections that help define a route to a particular destination.------------- /- __._FT - used with averaging to indicate FOM ------------- AVERAGE? Averaging will continue until you finally select save and enter.While averaging is going on the unit will display a FOM, figure of merit, number to indicate the probable accuracy of the average to this point.The emap, 76 family, and etrex store waypoints in 3 dimensions by including altitude. The 76 family will also store depth data for water if an optional depth sensor is attached.When you first create a new waypoint the unit will automatically assign it a name.This will store a special waypoint at your current location named MOB and will automatically start the navigation features of the unit to aid you in navigating back to that point.A position marked in this way is designed as a safety feature for boat use when someone might actually fall overboard.

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The newest units permits 10 character names and these can include spaces.

Averaging still can reduce the some of the effect of a temporarily poor DOP.

While averaging is going on you can move to the name field and enter the name you wish so that when you have achieved a stable FOM you want you can save the results.

You simply hit the MARK key, on the G-III, etrex, 76, and emap press and hold the ENTER key, and the waypoint entry form will appear.

The location you were at the moment you pressed the button is already saved in the waypoint information on the form so even if you are traveling at 65 miles per hour down the freeway you can reliably capture a single point with the press of the button.