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"The band had gotten together before I arrived in New York and they had worked out the arrangements.” The big hit, “I Try”, is remade with the groove that jazz fan’s will immediately recognize as being from Ahmad Jamal’s “Poinciana”.It gives the familiar tune a nice new hop and sway.“She Ain’t Right For You” goes in for a reggae feeling. About 15 years ago she was just about everywhere: her cool and raspy voice was the antidote to years of mega-divas like Whitney and Mariah who hit the highest and longest notes in an often too-sanitized way, and her sense of bohemian fashion had a similar loose grace. Talking to Gray about Stripped you get the sense of why something like this makes sense for her but also the way in which she still yearns for the limelight.She did some acting (for example in Training Day with Denzel Washington). Her new record is both a stark contrast to her initial burst of pop stardom and a perfect reflection of that alternative she represented: it’s a jazz record made with a quartet of drums, acoustic bass, guitar, and trumpet, recorded with exactly one microphone in a Brooklyn church. The Story Up to Now Macy Gray appeared on the scene, seemingly out of nowhere, just as the new century appeared.The first week my record came out, I sold 8,992 records. But I stuck with it because it made me happy."Gray’s expectations may have been somewhat tempered by a relatively bumpy road to her first recording finding a label and distribution.I jumped all over the place and had parties for two weeks. But, with expectations raised, perhaps they were sure to fall.“My second record didn’t do as well.It is also a good summary of her career, in its stripped down style — covering old songs of hers (including her first big hit, “I Try”), offering a new track, and creating interesting versions of songs by two heroes: Bob Marley and . Her debut album, On How Life Is was a slow burn mega-success, producing a No. But I was just doing my thing."Gray also played harder rock on the scene.

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Her various producers seemed to try just about every approach, including a live album, an album of rock covers, a song-by-song remake of Stevie Wonder’s Talking Book, and a 2014 return to an all-original program, The Way.

Then it started selling millions, and I was on the charts. I didn’t think that was a big deal, but my label and the press made a really big deal about it. I was thinking it was art and we did this cool shit with samples.

I wasn’t expecting people to switch up on me based on my record sales. When we did 'I Try' I didn’t think 'I have a hit.' But then you feel this pressure to do a certain kind of thing and collaborate with people who are famous.

Gray’s new recording is the greatest departure of all.

Stripped is part of the “Binaural Series” from Chesky Records, a label that normally records straight-ahead jazz musicians, folks musicians, and the like. The series features recordings made with a single microphone, no post-produciton editing, and a remarkably spacious live sound.